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Following God's Directions

What guides us when it comes to making decisions in our lives?

Joshua 5:13-15

 It is not just about listening, but doing what God directs us to do.

We often come to cross roads in our lives and have to decide which way is the right way to go. I now live near Cabbage Tree Creek in Carseldine and there are lots of walking and bike tracks in that area. Sometimes I come to a fork in the track and have to decide which way to go. Not knowing the area it is often difficult to decide. But there are more important decisions we often have to make which can have a great affect on our lives. What should I do when I finish school or college, what about a new job I am being offered, and so the list could go on.

Joshua had some important decisions to make after the people had crossed the Jordan River. They were ready to take possession of the land and the first task was to capture the city of Jericho. At the end of Joshua Chapter 5 we find Joshua standing alone, perhaps thinking about how they might capture the city. It is then that Joshua has an encounter with the commander of the army of the Lord; I believe this to be none other than a pre-incarnation visit by Jesus himself. He gave some instructions to Joshua about how to capture the city. Those instructions probably seemed a bit way out to Joshua. What Joshua had to decide was whether to follow them or not.

How much do we listen to God when it comes to the decisions we have to make in life? It is not just about listening, but doing what God directs us to do.

Noel McDonough

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