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Lament is Good For You

Ecclesiastes 3:4 “a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance."

Psalm 88

Times of lament are also times where we often feel closer to God.


We live in a broken, fallen world. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 expresses the varieties of life. Life has many highs and many lows. There are times of mourning and lament. These times are good for our healing. Bottling up our feelings isn’t healthy. Times of lament are also times where we often feel closer to God. His rod and staff are truly with us.

Recently I shared my own lament on Facebook:


Where are you in power oh Lord?

I see others have wonderful experiences of your presence.

Here I sit in the pit.

Two of the most influential women in my life are in the final stages of life.

I sit in the ashes and when I think things can't be worse, an elephant poops on my head.

Old battles have resurfaced.

And while there are flickers of light, darkness is my lot in life.

But then I look back over recent times and I see where you have been.

I see your blessing in the dark valley.

PS: Couldn't I have blessing AND an easy life too?

Ok, so it isn’t a piece of well-crafted literature, but it doesn’t have to be. Most people who read it have sat in the ashes with me. Today I will be sharing how to lament in a healthy way and how to support people in times of lament. (See SHBC Service video - 12 Nov 2023)


Pastor Andy

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