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People's Encounter's with Jesus #5 & 6: Darkness to the Dawning of Life

As we stop to reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus, who do you relate to?

Luke 23:26 - 24:35

Jesus is wanting to speak to you this Easter of his grace, love, and forgiveness.
  • Simon from Cyrene was a bystander until he was drawn into carrying the cross for Jesus. Are you watching Jesus but not engaged with him? Maybe this Easter is a time to connect with Jesus.

  • One criminal on a cross next to Jesus was supportive of Jesus, and asked to be remembered by him as they faced death together. Jesus’ promised “Today you will be with me in paradise”. What makes you certain of life after death?

  • The other criminal next to Jesus hurled insults at Jesus and mocked him.

  • Most of the disciples stood at a distance as Jesus hung on the cross. Are you at a crossroad and have put yourself at a distance from Jesus because you don’t fully trust him to take you through? What needs to change?

  • The women who went to the tomb three days later, came back to the disciples to report that he was alive! Can you believe that he can bring back to life things that you are experiencing as death—that something new can come from the ashes and loss?

  • On the road to Emmaus, the resurrected Jesus shared a conversation and meal with two of his followers. They didn’t recognise Jesus until he broke bread. But as he shared the word of God with them, their hearts burned with God’s truth. Today may be a day for you to ask God to open your eyes to him and for your heart to burn with his Word of truth. Ask him today.

Jesus is wanting to speak to you this Easter of his grace, love, and forgiveness.

He is extending his hand to join him in the wonder of the gospel. Share the gospel story with someone this Easter.

God Bless

Pastor Stephen

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