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Who Told You God is Like That?

I’ve had plenty of misconceptions about God over the years, that have hindered my personal relationship with God.

For others, misconceptions about God have even resulted in them walking away from their faith.

In a sermon series preached by Andy Stanley called: “Who needs God? Andy Stanley says that if you’re wrestling to reconciling God with the “real world”, then you’ve got the wrong God.

Here are 6 versions of God that the bible doesn’t describe, because they don’t exist:

Bodyguard God - If you’re good, he’ll protect you from harm. However, Jesus promises we will in fact experience trouble in this life.

On-demand God - This version of God is like a magic genie who exists to answer all your desires. However, there are times that God will say no to you or tell you what you actually need.

Boyfriend God - The God whose presence is always felt. But Jesus is not your boyfriend.

Guilt God - He doesn’t like you very much. He just wants to control you and manipulate you with guilt. Fortunately, God is full of grace and love.

Anti-Science God - You are forced to choose between proven science and unreasonable religion. However, the world declares the grandeur of God. You are not called to a blind faith.

Gap God - God is conveniently used as an explanation for anything that we can’t explain. If it’s currently a mystery, it must be God. Wonderfully God has in fact revealed himself to us.

If you currently feel captive to any of these Gods, then I pray that the truth will set you free to experience God for real.

Pastor Ben

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