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Women on a Mission

As I look on my noticeboard, I see the photos of five lots of Baptist Mission Australia

missionaries. All five are families.

As you pray for and support missionaries, pray especially for the Mums.

Missionary mothers have served God well over the centuries. These women have faced many challenges: getting supplies to care for the family, educating the children, meeting the health needs of the family, and being thousands of kilometres from home.

My sister and family were missionaries with OMF in Japan. Her husband, Nic, is the current state director. Her children, born in Japan, have had interesting issues getting drivers’ licences and the like in Australia. They are Australians with birth certificates written in Japanese so have had to get certified translations.

Amongst the women who have served on the mission field are a large number of single women. Many of these single women have become mothers to local children to the point of adoption. Many have followed the lead of the first Christians and rescued abandoned children. In the first century disabled children and unwanted children were abandoned on the dump. In the early days of Protestant missions, missionaries found similar practices. In one culture, it was believed that if twins were born, one child had a good spirit and the other had an evil spirit. Since they couldn’t tell the difference, they got rid of both. Missionary mums helped to change this practice and rescued the twins in the early stages.

As you pray for and support missionaries, pray especially for the Mums. Pray for the extra challenges they face. Pray for them as they connect with local Mums.

Pastor Andy

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