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A True New Way - Sermon on the Mount

Jesus had an amazing way of using everyday imagery to cement an idea into a tangible concept.

Matt 7:13-29

As his people, we have a choice to make to be authentic followers of Jesus.

Throughout the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus has grounded different values that a Christian has in relationships, as salt and light, with generosity, prayer and fasting, anxiousness and seeking Him. In these last verses of the Sermon on the Mount teaching, Jesus draws out four contrasting scenarios. As his people, we have a choice to make to be authentic followers of Jesus.

A choice through the narrow gate. The way to life is narrow and few find it because they are following the world towards destruction. Choose life is the invitation to a true new way.

A choice to listen to true prophets. To look behind the appeal or rhetoric to the fruit produced in the lives of false prophets. Only a good tree can bear good fruit. Bad trees will be cut down and thrown into the fire. Stand against the crowd and appeal. Look to the fruit—be discerning. This is the true new way.

A choice to be a true disciple. It is those who do the will of the Father who are the ones known by Jesus. A life lived for Jesus daily is the true new way.

A choice to build on the rock. Those who hear the word of God and put it into practice are the wise ones. This is the consistency of witness in the true new way.

It is the way of authenticity. The way of growing character and heart of Christ. It is the way of learning, repentance, and reshaping. Jesus today is inviting you to this life, empowered, valued, called, and loved. I encourage you to accept the gift and to walk the way with Jesus.

God bless

Pastor Stephen

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