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The Rubber Hits the Road

The old saying “when the rubber hits the road” is when theory or concepts become a reality. They are put into practice.

Matt 5:21-48

God people are not just theorists, but practitioners.

Last week as we have been travelling through the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus was emphasising that he was the fulfillment of Scripture, and the importance of teaching and being practitioners of the Word. “But whoever practises and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.” God people are not just theorists, but practitioners.

Jesus now goes on to ground this concept into reality by highlighting Scripture and our core values and actions. It is where the “Rubber Hits the Road”. A disciple of Christ not only needs to be seen doing the right thing, but the very core of that person needs to be aligned and directed with the mind and heart as Jesus. The Pharisees prided their outward appearance, but their values and motivations were not like Christ—theorists but not practitioners.

Jesus picks up on murder, hate and anger with reconciliation and restoration. Adultery with value and worth of a person. Divorce with the value of marriage. Oaths with the value of honesty and integrity. Revenge with the value of generosity. Hate of enemies with the value of love.

We can’t do these in the natural. Brokenness and sin have corrupted our values and relationships. But with the Word and Spirit, Jesus transforms us and empowers us to align with his values and heartbeat.

Let our prayer this week, as we reflect on the journey to the cross and resurrection be, Lord Jesus help each of us put into practice your truth, your Word, and your love.

God bless.

Pastor Stephen

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